Sham Ibrahim: Punk Rock, Acting, Rihanna & Celebrity Pop Art

Sham Ibrahim

Sham Ibrahim

Sham Ibrahim does digital drawings of pop art phenomenons and is arguably the most colorful and controversial artist in Los Angeles. From his Warhol-esque portrait of Rihanna’s beaten evidence photo to Casey Anthony as Marilyn Monroe, Jody and Sham discuss his journey to finding his voice as an artist and Hollywood’s indelible influence on it.

Sham’s LA Neighborhood: Hollywood

Hollywood and Wilcox
Highland and Franklin
Fountain and La Brea

Clint Catalyst

Clint Catalyst

Clint Catalyst, Sham’s former roommate who is also a noted Angelino himself.



Just One Night, Timothy Hutton

Sugar Ray “When It’s Over” video

Screenshot 2015-08-09 19.50.28

No Doubt, “hey Baby” video

Screenshot 2015-08-09 19.53.36

From Producer to Artist World of Wonder Follow them @WorldOfWonder Sham was a producer for an HBO Documentary film on Heidi Fleiss: Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal 


Sham’s Rihanna Portrait



Sham’s Casey Anthony Portrait


Sham’s Lindsay Lohan Portrait


Palm Springs


Sham’s Palm Springs realtor Jeff Litton, helped him find his home.




I asked Sham, “Who do you want to make a portrait of and give it to them?” Here are his answers:
1. Obama
2. Roseanne Bar
“The only ones in the media that told me it was okay to be gay were Roseanne, Madonna and Ellen. Those 3 were the ones. They were who I looked up to.” – Sham
3. Madonna

When I asked Sham which LA Venue he’d like to show his art in, these were his picks:
The Smell
CIA: The Center for Abnormal Arts



Holly Woodlawn, a transgendered legend who inspired Lou Reed to write “Walk on the Wild Side” is very ill and needs your support. Please donate to her GoFundMe campaign:

Read Holly’s book: A Low Life in High Heels: The Holly Woodlawn Story

Sham’s most magical place to go in Los Angeles: The Magic Castle, where you have to know a magician to get in.

Sham’s favorite place to hike is Runyon CanyonBronson Canyon and the Bronson Caves.

Sham is an avid skate boarder as well! His favorite skate spot is Dragon Ditch in Bronson Canyon. He says it’s great for skating vert.

Sham’s favorite beach: Venice Beach.

dragon ditch

We end the show on a hilarious note with Sham explaining that he has the same name as a militant terrorist ISIS fighter. When you Google his name you get that guy instead of him so ISIS is messing up his SEO. He has this to say about that: “Would you rather see some pop art or a guy’s head chopped off. I mean, I’m not taking head, I’m giving it.”

Sham Ibrahim

Sham Ibrahim



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