Lenora Claire, How to Embody Your Brand

Lenora Claire, photo by Austin Young

Lenora Claire, photo by Austin Young

Episode 03

Join Jody as she interviews Lenora Claire, one of the most colorful (literally & figuratively) personalities LA has to offer. Follow along as Lenora recounts some of the more infamous stories of Los Angeles like Don Simpson, George Michael and her bringing her father’s anatomical teaching model of a penis to her elementary school’s show and tell. We also cover how she rode the TMZ slingshot of exposure with her art show Golden Girls Gone Wild, as well as her current projects Leg Closers and The Fart Joke Documentary and her advice for breaking into reality TV.

Show and Tell with Oscar Meyer the Weiner

Name: Lenora Claire
Occupation: Art Curator/Filmmaker/Journalist/Casting Agent
Neighborhood: Los Feliz

Lenora’s LA Picks:

More Links and Details From the Show:

The Fartumentary

Lenora Claire selfie

Her advice on how to get started on your own projects:

  • Use social media to network with collaborators, but be yourself and be passionate about your project.
  • Anybody can reach out to anybody.
  • We’re only limited by the limitations you can put on yourself.
  • Just get off your ass and do it. Be fearless.
Lenora's painting of Bea Arthur topless from her Golden Girls Gone Wild art show

Lenora’s painting of Bea Arthur topless from her Golden Girls Gone Wild art show

Golden Girls Gone Wild – Art Show

Nomi the Min Pin!

How to find opportunities:

Her advice on how to get picked:

  • Be high energy
  • Be a character, Define yourself as a character
  • Use Breakfast Club as atemplate, which character are you?
  • Speak in sound bytes
  • Speak quickly, think on your feet
  • Be funny
  • You do not have to live in LA to be on these shows
Example of Lenora’s referral:
Leg Closers

Leg Closers

Lenora’s friend’s project that was crowd funded on Kickstarter:
Austin Young – Mutual friend of Jody and Lenora. One of the most creative, fun and talented photographers in LA.
Lenora’s Podcast: The Obscenesters on T Radio V
Her advise on how to make it in Hollywood:
  • Be authentic
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Pursue what you love
Synergy between her projects:
  • Appreciating the low brow and high brow humor together.
  • Camp culture.
  • John Waters is her personal beacon. The Pope of Trash.
  • Russ Meyer – Another point of inspiration
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