Jody Belliveau

Jody Belliveau by www.ShamPop.com

Hi, I’m Jody and I am the host of the #OnlyinLA podcast. I am a native Southern Californian but also grew up in Oklahoma and had a little stint in South Texas. I finally moved to Los Angeles after having lived in San Francisco almost a decade. I’m sure I am not unlike others that migrate here from SF or NYC, with an elitistĀ attitude but surrendering to the fact that if you want to work in entertainment, Los Angeles is a necessary evil that one must endure. I actually moved to SF when I was around 20 to escape the superficialities of Southern California, to be an “artist.” What a silly fool I was.

Los Angeles is what you make of it. And LA is home to some of the most wonderful artists the world has to offer. Sure your eyes and throat might burn for a few weeks after moving here (smog is real) but you eventually get used to it. Consider it your baptism for living in one of the most magical places of opportunity, expression and home to a diverse dichotomy of everything. If you can’t find it here, it may not exist. I have now lived in this town longer than anywhere else and I have come to love itĀ and all the amazing people that also call this place home.

On this show we will explore and celebrate the people, places and activities that make up the fabric of Los Angeles and the #OnlyinLA stories that come from them.