Malinda Lloyd, How to be Crafty

Episode 04

Malinda is a crafting, tech nerd who loves exploring the quirkier, nerdier side of Los Angeles. Her journey to LA from Austin, Texas is a tale of gambling with the universe and winning. In this interview she takes us on her tour of LA from Hollywood to Skidrokyo where we learn all about her favorite places to connect with the craft scene, collecting art, eating ramen and getting around Los Angeles without owning a car.Malinda.jpg

Name: Malinda Lloyd
Occupation: Digital Producer, Crafter
Neighborhood: Skidrokyo


Malinda’s Craft Scene: – Collaboration and craft swaps

Meltdown Comics

Clockwork Couture

Whimsical Alley – Harry Potter store on Wilshire

The Mombie Zombie

Brewery Art Walk

The Last Bookstore

Michael Levine

Malinda’s Los Angeles:
Skidrokyo – Right in the middle of Little Tokyo, skid row and the toy district

Little Tokyo
Street Art of Downtown Los Angeles

Yarn Bombing

Graffiti Mural Tour

Munky King


Kouraku – hole in the wall authentic ramen

Orochon – really good ramen

Hollywood Pies – Chicago style pizza

Masa in Echo Park Pizza

Cycling in LA & getting around without a car:

LA Metro

Expo line to Santa Monica

Los Angeles Bike Paths
TIPS: Scenic route use Garmin bike GPS, Quick route use Google Maps

Malinda’s LA Hacks:
1. Use public transportation
2. Find your favorite coffee shop. Hers is Demitasse.

Cartoon Chicken Riding a Bike

Cartoon Chicken Riding a Bike

Lenora Claire, How to Embody Your Brand

Lenora Claire, photo by Austin Young

Lenora Claire, photo by Austin Young

Episode 03

Join Jody as she interviews Lenora Claire, one of the most colorful (literally & figuratively) personalities LA has to offer. Follow along as Lenora recounts some of the more infamous stories of Los Angeles like Don Simpson, George Michael and her bringing her father’s anatomical teaching model of a penis to her elementary school’s show and tell. We also cover how she rode the TMZ slingshot of exposure with her art show Golden Girls Gone Wild, as well as her current projects Leg Closers and The Fart Joke Documentary and her advice for breaking into reality TV.

Show and Tell with Oscar Meyer the Weiner

Name: Lenora Claire
Occupation: Art Curator/Filmmaker/Journalist/Casting Agent
Neighborhood: Los Feliz

Lenora’s LA Picks:

More Links and Details From the Show:

The Fartumentary

Lenora Claire selfie

Her advice on how to get started on your own projects:

  • Use social media to network with collaborators, but be yourself and be passionate about your project.
  • Anybody can reach out to anybody.
  • We’re only limited by the limitations you can put on yourself.
  • Just get off your ass and do it. Be fearless.
Lenora's painting of Bea Arthur topless from her Golden Girls Gone Wild art show

Lenora’s painting of Bea Arthur topless from her Golden Girls Gone Wild art show

Golden Girls Gone Wild – Art Show

Nomi the Min Pin!

How to find opportunities:

Her advice on how to get picked:

  • Be high energy
  • Be a character, Define yourself as a character
  • Use Breakfast Club as atemplate, which character are you?
  • Speak in sound bytes
  • Speak quickly, think on your feet
  • Be funny
  • You do not have to live in LA to be on these shows
Example of Lenora’s referral:
Leg Closers

Leg Closers

Lenora’s friend’s project that was crowd funded on Kickstarter:
Austin Young – Mutual friend of Jody and Lenora. One of the most creative, fun and talented photographers in LA.
Lenora’s Podcast: The Obscenesters on T Radio V
Her advise on how to make it in Hollywood:
  • Be authentic
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Pursue what you love
Synergy between her projects:
  • Appreciating the low brow and high brow humor together.
  • Camp culture.
  • John Waters is her personal beacon. The Pope of Trash.
  • Russ Meyer – Another point of inspiration
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Leopold Nunan, How to Ride Your Momentum

Leopold Nunan photo by Flaminia Fanale

Leopold Nunan photo by Flaminia Fanale

Episode 02 

In this episode we discuss Leo’s journey from Brazil to Los Angeles after the success of his house hit “Generator.” Recently Leo appeared on the Food Network show “Worst Cooks in America” where he made it to the semi-finals. We talk about all the things you don’t see on the show. Where do you stay? Are all the contestants in the same place? No phone? No Internet? We talk about it all as well as his boost in newly found fans from the show and his new music, “Multiple Personality”.

Name: Leopold Nunan
Occupation: Singer, Actor, Performance Artist
Neighborhood: West Hollywood
Worst Cooks in America

Favorite LA Spots:
Franklin Canyon – Great for picnics
Bronson Caves
Barnsdall Art Park & Gallery Theater
La Conversation – Great Brunch
Mustache Mondays – with DJ Josh Peace
The Eagle

See Leo Live!
July 24th RAW Artist at Blvd 3
July 27th West Hollywood 30 Years of Cityhood @ Plummer park
• Check out his calendar for more!

Leopold Nunan is an award-winning performer, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, model and choreographer with roots native to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A chameleon, he charismatically transforms from macho samba dancer to harlequin.


To date, he has created more than 500 characters for the stage. Leopold began his career at 13 in classical/contemporary ballet, and theatre.


At 18, he turned out his first house music hit “I’ve Got It,” which aired on MTV Brazil and was followed with hits “Feel The House” and “Generator” which cemented his place in the house music community.


In 2014 he was cast in Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” Season 6 where he made it to the semi-finals.


Leopold currently resides in the City of West Hollywood with his partner, and is making his way back to house music with his first US house music release – “Multiple Personality”.
Leopold Nunan photo by Austin Young

Leopold Nunan photo by Austin Young

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Drian Juarez, How to Trans

Episode 01

Jody and Rosemary interview Los Angeles transgender activist Drian Juarez. In this episode hear Drian explain her transitional journey from childhood, to coming out to her parents to finding her way to her current posiition as Board President of Gender Justice LA. In this episode we also discuss Bruce Jenner’s interview on ABC. (This episode was recorded before Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover was released. ) A great listen for anyone inside or outside of the LGBTQ community, especially parents.

Name: Drian Juarez

Occupation: Transgender Activist
Neighborhood: Silver Lake


Drian Juarez works as a consultant on Transgender issues in the workplace and assists in developing programs for communities endeavoring to help Transgender people get back to work. Juarez has served as the Program Manager for the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project (TEEP). Building a solid foundation for TEEP, Juarez established cross-organizational/cross-functional teams to assist in the mission of developing substantive employment and business opportunities for the Los Angeles Transgender community. Under her direction, TEEP has worked with over one thousand Transgender people by assisting with basic housing and helping Transgender people move from the street economy to assisting with more complex job skills like resume writing and job searches for Transgender people who transitioned after establishing professional careers.
In her role, Juarez developed a coalition of grass-roots organizations to help meet the specific needs of the Transgender community. She has collaborated with homeless shelters to provide housing and basic living needs, coordinated with non-profits and schools to offer basic job training and has taught over 500 employers in law enforcement, government entities and businesses on the unique issues faced by the Transgender community.
Juarez, who is also a current member of the West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board, got her start as a community organizer when she was hired as the Lead HIV Outreach Health Educator at a local Los Angeles non-profit agency. In that capacity, Juarez provided a myriad of services in the West Hollywood area to trans-women to help them move from the street economy to empowering career paths and job opportunities.
Through her work Juarez has not only developed a significant knowledge base of the resources required to help transgender people get back to work but also understands what it takes to build lasting relationships with the variety of community-based social service agencies and employers who support the work of TEEP.
As a Latina Transgender immigrant, Juarez has witnessed firsthand the effects of unemployment discrimination, underemployment, and bigotry that many transgender people endure. In 2005, Juarez became active in the West Hollywood Transgender Taskforce, which ultimately became the West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board and was the first government-recognized board in the nation to advise a city council on transgender issues. Her work spans various organizations including the Transgender Service Provider Network, the Transgender Law Center’s Transgender Economic Development Initiative, and Transgender Leadership Council.
Juarez designed the first Transgender Memorial Plaque for the city of West Hollywood erected at Mathew Sheppard Triangle in 2009, and inscribe with an original poem also written by Juarez. In 2010 Juarez received the Trans-Unity Trailblazer Award, the Minority AIDS Project Community Award, in 2013 she received the City of West Hollywood’s Rainbow Key Award, in 2014 she was one of Congressman Adam Schiff’s Woman of the Year and was listed on the national Trans* 100 list. She has also graduated from the Los Angeles Police Department LGBT Community Police Academy and has become a certified trainer for the Los Angeles Police Department.
In 2012, Juarez was elected the Board President of Gender Justice LA (formally FTM Alliance). Juarez is a sought after speaker having presented locally and at national conferences. She has also served as a vocal advocate on behalf of Transgender issues and a consultant to local, state and national lawmakers on creating Trans-friendly legislation.
 Drian Juarez at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

Drian Juarez at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

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