Señor Amor: Janet Jackson’s First Crush, 90210 DJ, & the Lounge Music Scene

Señor Amor is an LA native, a DJ extraordinaire, and co-Host of KXLU’s long running show The Molotov Cocktail Hour. Tune in to hear what it was like growing up next door to the Jackson’s, being a DJ at Beverly Hills High and being a part of the revival of the Lounge Music culture and the birth of the Neo-Burlesque scene.



Cyrano_Senor 2010_KXLUMCH_banner-360x193Cyrano-Senor Molotov_250 Molotov-shirt-front



Selene Luna: Stand Up, Stripping and Deviled Eggs


Steven Menendez Photography

Selene Luna by Steven Menendez Photography


This week we have Selene Luna as our special guest. Selene is a comedian, actor, burlesque performer and icon in the Los Angeles fringe performer community. Listen as we find out what brought her to L.A., what keeps her here and what it means to be a little person with big dreams and even bigger talent.




Originally from Tijuana, Selene’s parents relocated to Los Angeles in order to obtain superior medical care.

Growing up in East L.A. she relocated to Hollywood as an adult and continues to call it home.

Starting in stand-up, she transitioned to burlesque where she developed the thick skin and unique voice to return to her first love, comedy.























Her days with the Velvet Hammer Burlesque troop, as Bobby Pins

Photo by Albert Sanchez

More Red Hot Glamour






















My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

Selene's Final Scene for My Bloody Valentine

Selene’s Prosthetic for My Bloody Valentine

Selene & Margaret

Margaret Cho, friend for 10 years has been very supportive and helpful to Selene’s career.

Selene KATU


























The Cho Show

The Cho Show























Celebrity Wife Swap

Celebrity Wife Swap





Good Friend and Thrift Store Maven, Jackie Beat

Good Friend and Thrift Store Maven, Jackie Beat

Another Addition to Selene's Deviled Egg Tray Collection from pal Jackie Beat

Another Addition to Selene’s Deviled Egg Tray Collection from pal Jackie Beat

The Cast of Golden Girlz Live with attendees Katy Perry & designer Jeremy Scott

The Cast of Golden Girlz Live with attendees Katy Perry & designer Jeremy Scott

Thank You For Being A Friend!

Thank You For Being A Friend!










































Cassandra Peterson Elvira













One day to work with the one and only, Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark








Brookledge Vintage

Brookledge Vintage























Click for: LA CURBED article on Brookledge

Click for: LA TIMES article on Brookledge

Bar Marmont - Favorite Appetizer

Bar Marmont – Favorite Appetizer

Click to view full Bar Marmont menu

Sunset Tower Hotel

Sunset Tower Hotel


Ron Barbagallo: Restoring Animation, Photography and Finding Los Angeles

Ron Barbagallo

Ron Barbagallo


This week we have Ron Barbagallo as our special guest. Ron repairs and restores classic animation art. His client list includes Disney, Warner Bros., and Hanna-Barbera to name a few. He is also an accomplished photographer and the creator of the Found in Los Angeles project.













How did you come to live in LA?
Ron was lured out for a job that wasn’t what it was promised to be and eventually rescued by Joe Barbera of Hanna-Barbera Studios.
What neighborhoods have you lived in and what was unique about them?
Started out in Burbank at the Park Point apartments which was walking distance to many of the major studios including Disney Studios and has continued to reside here.


Ron and his sister invested in an original White Rabbit pocket watch cel for $750 which arrived damaged and poorly restored with white out, a landmark in his journey.

The White Rabbit Pocketwatch Cel

Mary Corliss – Assistant Curator for Film at MOMA and her husband Richard Corliss were at the dinner at the Top of the Sixes Restaurant in NYC where Ron was wooed to LA with promised of work.
Preston Blair – Red Hot Riding Hood & Swing-Shift Cinderella
Red Hot Riding Hood

Red Hot Riding Hood

Michele Derrick – Restoration master with the Getty, Uffizi and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Projects have included book art for Isaac Asimov, Tama Janowitz and promotional art for Mary Higgins Clark.
Isaac Asimov
A Cannibal in Manhattan
Restored The “Wizard of Oz” Logo for the Anniversary release
Restored Andy Warhol’s “Timothy the Mouse” cel from Dumbo
Warhol's Timothy Mouse - Before Restoration (B&W)

Warhol’s Timothy Mouse – Before Restoration (B&W)



Warhol's Timothy Mouse - After Restoration (B&W)

Warhol’s Timothy Mouse – After Restoration (B&W)


Career took off after taking part in a “little” talk at the National Gallery of Art. “ MICKEY, DONALD, GOOFY & PLUTO WHAT’S BREAKING UP THAT OLD GANG OF MINE?” invited by Nora Kennedy, the Sherman Fairchild Conservator of Photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.



Herman “Kay” Kamen had a deal with Stix Baer & Fuller department store. Later becoming Walt’s go-to merchandising salesman.


Helen Nerbovig – Became infamous for cutting up cels to make greeting cards from the original Snow White cels.



An example of Ron’s incredible restoration work on an Snow White cel


Most Difficult Projects: 

  • 9/11 Ground Zero at Tower One, conserving plastic artifacts from the Twin Tower and the Warner Bros. Store at the disaster site.
Ron Barbagallo painting lower Manhattan

Ron Barbagallo painting lower Manhattan


  • Tim Burton’s Puppet Project.
Tim Burton Puppet Project - Sally Composite

Tim Burton Puppet Project – Sally Composite



Do you have any LA rituals? 
Can not miss any new shows at the Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills.
Favorite LA food & restaurants:
Pizzeria Mozza
Black Hogg
Favorite LA events/festivals:

Paris Photo L.A. – Paramount Studios

Things you cannot live without in LA: 

Bone Marrow Burger – Black Hogg

Georgetown Cupcakes

Figaro Bread – Figaro Bistrot

Pizza and PSquash Blossoms – Pizzeria Mozza



Levi Vieira: Makeup, Bears, and Something Shaped Like a Banana

Levi Viera, Makeup Artist

Levi Viera, Makeup Artist

From humble beginnings to the runways of Escada, Fendi and Gucci. Tune in as I talk to makeup artist Levi Vieira about how to break in to the business, makeup tips you can never go wrong with, working with RuPaul and our journeys with the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery.








Instagram: beautybearla



Shu Uemura brought Levi to LA through a promotion and relocation
Long Beach, California
Cudahy, Los Angeles
Echo Park

Bear Community

Kevyn Aucoin author of Making Faces & Face Forward

Making Faces & Face Forward

Making Faces & Face Forward

























Ready for work at 4AM. Let's go!

Ready for work at 4AM. Let’s go!

Hollywood Union of Makeup Artists

How to get in? Work 60 days per year for a period 3 years in a 5 year window.

First Cover – Instinct Magazine


Jem and the Holograms – Assistant to Mary Klimek

Jem & The Holograms

Jem & The Holograms










Mathau Anderson, Ru Paul’s makeup artist

Mathu Andersen

Mathu Andersen













Melissa McBride at the Saturn Awards












It Costs a Lot of Money to Look This Cheap













RuPaul's Drag U

RuPaul’s Drag U












Make Up Forever







Makeup Forever on Robertson







Mac Pro on Robertson










Ruby Makeup Academy – Take A Class!


Click Here to Learn More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery



Would love to paint Caitlin Jenner












Pepperdine University







FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender IMG_4824 IMG_4825




















Sham Ibrahim: Punk Rock, Acting, Rihanna & Celebrity Pop Art

Sham Ibrahim

Sham Ibrahim

Sham Ibrahim does digital drawings of pop art phenomenons and is arguably the most colorful and controversial artist in Los Angeles. From his Warhol-esque portrait of Rihanna’s beaten evidence photo to Casey Anthony as Marilyn Monroe, Jody and Sham discuss his journey to finding his voice as an artist and Hollywood’s indelible influence on it.

Sham’s LA Neighborhood: Hollywood

Hollywood and Wilcox
Highland and Franklin
Fountain and La Brea

Clint Catalyst

Clint Catalyst

Clint Catalyst, Sham’s former roommate who is also a noted Angelino himself.



Just One Night, Timothy Hutton

Sugar Ray “When It’s Over” video

Screenshot 2015-08-09 19.50.28

No Doubt, “hey Baby” video

Screenshot 2015-08-09 19.53.36

From Producer to Artist World of Wonder Follow them @WorldOfWonder Sham was a producer for an HBO Documentary film on Heidi Fleiss: Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal 


Sham’s Rihanna Portrait



Sham’s Casey Anthony Portrait


Sham’s Lindsay Lohan Portrait


Palm Springs


Sham’s Palm Springs realtor Jeff Litton, helped him find his home.




I asked Sham, “Who do you want to make a portrait of and give it to them?” Here are his answers:
1. Obama
2. Roseanne Bar
“The only ones in the media that told me it was okay to be gay were Roseanne, Madonna and Ellen. Those 3 were the ones. They were who I looked up to.” – Sham
3. Madonna

When I asked Sham which LA Venue he’d like to show his art in, these were his picks:
The Smell
CIA: The Center for Abnormal Arts



Holly Woodlawn, a transgendered legend who inspired Lou Reed to write “Walk on the Wild Side” is very ill and needs your support. Please donate to her GoFundMe campaign:

Read Holly’s book: A Low Life in High Heels: The Holly Woodlawn Story

Sham’s most magical place to go in Los Angeles: The Magic Castle, where you have to know a magician to get in.

Sham’s favorite place to hike is Runyon CanyonBronson Canyon and the Bronson Caves.

Sham is an avid skate boarder as well! His favorite skate spot is Dragon Ditch in Bronson Canyon. He says it’s great for skating vert.

Sham’s favorite beach: Venice Beach.

dragon ditch

We end the show on a hilarious note with Sham explaining that he has the same name as a militant terrorist ISIS fighter. When you Google his name you get that guy instead of him so ISIS is messing up his SEO. He has this to say about that: “Would you rather see some pop art or a guy’s head chopped off. I mean, I’m not taking head, I’m giving it.”

Sham Ibrahim

Sham Ibrahim


Ed Squair – Part 2: Star Wars, Comic Books and Restaurant Row

We are back again with Ed Squair where we finish our conversation on his projects while working for Disney, what he is up to next and his fascinating #StarWars and La Cienega’s Restaurant Row collections.


How to reboot a show right: Warner Brothers show “The Flash”, by Barry Allen


His new venture specializing in producing animated and live action branded content.


What is a Rosetta Stone?
The Rosetta Stone is a granodiorite stele inscribed with a decree written in 3 different languages which provided a key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Ed comes from collector stock. Lyall A. Squair, Ed’s dad, held the largest private collection of Theodore Roosevelt memorabilia. He eventaully sold his entire collection to New York State Library. You can check it out here:

Ed’s mom also loved to collect. She preferred dolls, her favorites include Effanbee & Madame Alexander.

One of Ed’s collecting passions is Star Wars.

Ed's Star Wars Collection

Ed’s Star Wars Collection

Star Wars, Episode 7

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2 on Disney Video

Droid BB8 with R2D2

HUGE G.I. Joe collection for sale!!

GIANT G.I. Joe collection for sale

GIANT G.I. Joe collection for sale


Contact Ed at if you are interested in buying, selling or trading with him.

Freak-a-zoid cartoon Warner Brother’s cartoon: “Ode to Leonard Nimoy”

Fantastic 4 Movie – Silver Surfer Official Trailer

Star Wars Early Bird Certificate Package

Star Wars Early Bird Certificate Package Early Bird Envelope from December 1977. This is what they sold for Christmas because they had no toys.

The Original 12 Backs - Star Wars action figure collection

Original Star Wars action figure collection

Ed’s Restaurant Row (La Cienega) Collection includes items from the following:

  • The Lobster Barrel
  • Tail of the Cock
  • Ed Debevic’s
  • Tiki
  • Gay 90s
  • Roaring 20s
  • Casa Cugat


Best Comic Shop in LA – House of Secrets

House of Secrets is where Ed bumped into Frank Darabont the director of the Walking Dead.

House of Secrets is across the street from the Safari Inn
As seen as a setting in Florida in the movie Apollo 13 and Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance.

The Safari Inn

Evan Dorkin – comic book science fiction horror role play club

What’s the best place to find collectibles in Los Angeles? The Rose Bowl

Hard to go yard sale-ing in LA because you can never find a place to pull over in park. #OnlyinLA

4th of July tip: Check out a parking garage rooftop in Larchmont village, you can see fireworks all over Los Angeles.


Getting Discovered

Celebrity Sightings

If you are interested in having your own celebrity sighting there is a good chance you will have one by visiting an Erewhon Grocery Store

Psychic Advisors

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Ed Squair – Part 1: Disney, Hillside Stranglers & Monkey Island

Episode 05

On this week’s episode we talk to Ed Squair. Ed is an archivist, writer, video producer and a pop culture and toy collector. He has so many interesting stories, for the first time, we had to break this interview into 2 episodes! In part 1 we talk about his LA story, how he came to call it home. His 21 year career at Disney, where he spent most of it in the photo archives and then went on to create content for the company’s social media launch and later their original video department.

Show host Jody with guest Ed Squair

Show host Jody with guest Ed Squair

Ed’s Neighborhoods:
1. Larchmont Village
Larchmont is a densely populated, highly diverse, half-square-mile neighborhood in the central region of the City of Los Angeles, California, where more than half the residents were foreign-born.

See celebrities in their natural habitat by going to a TV show taping.
LA Hack – Get tickets in person at Hollywood & Highland to get better seats and shows.


The first show Ed saw taped: Cheers Season 9, Episode 21 “Cheers Has Cili”

2. Beachwood Canyon
Beachwood Canyon is a community in the Hollywood Hills, in the northern portion of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

Tamarind Terrace 1950 Tamarind Dr., Beachwood Canyon
Residence of one of the Hillside Stranglers

Tamarind Terrace where both Ed and one of the Hillside Stranglers lived. (Not at the same time.)

3. Glendale
Glendale is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Its estimated 2014 population was 200,167, making it the third largest city in Los Angeles County and the 23rd largest city in the state of California.

Conversation Highlights:


Want to get a job at Disney? Go through temp agency.
(Both Jody and Ed got their start at Disney through a placement agency.)


Alice Comedies

Dickie Jones surrounded by monkeys on Monkey Island 3300 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90068

Monkey Island
Ed’s Blog: The Curious Tale of Monkey Island




Talking Friends App


Talking Friends Video Series


Where’s My Water? App


Where’s My Water “Swampy” Video Series


Joey Chou Book of Small World


Small World Video Series


Disney’s The Truth About Mother Goose – Mary Queen of Scots


The Sherman Brothers


Richard Sherman


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Malinda Lloyd, How to be Crafty

Episode 04

Malinda is a crafting, tech nerd who loves exploring the quirkier, nerdier side of Los Angeles. Her journey to LA from Austin, Texas is a tale of gambling with the universe and winning. In this interview she takes us on her tour of LA from Hollywood to Skidrokyo where we learn all about her favorite places to connect with the craft scene, collecting art, eating ramen and getting around Los Angeles without owning a car.Malinda.jpg

Name: Malinda Lloyd
Occupation: Digital Producer, Crafter
Neighborhood: Skidrokyo


Malinda’s Craft Scene: – Collaboration and craft swaps

Meltdown Comics

Clockwork Couture

Whimsical Alley – Harry Potter store on Wilshire

The Mombie Zombie

Brewery Art Walk

The Last Bookstore

Michael Levine

Malinda’s Los Angeles:
Skidrokyo – Right in the middle of Little Tokyo, skid row and the toy district

Little Tokyo
Street Art of Downtown Los Angeles

Yarn Bombing

Graffiti Mural Tour

Munky King


Kouraku – hole in the wall authentic ramen

Orochon – really good ramen

Hollywood Pies – Chicago style pizza

Masa in Echo Park Pizza

Cycling in LA & getting around without a car:

LA Metro

Expo line to Santa Monica

Los Angeles Bike Paths
TIPS: Scenic route use Garmin bike GPS, Quick route use Google Maps

Malinda’s LA Hacks:
1. Use public transportation
2. Find your favorite coffee shop. Hers is Demitasse.

Cartoon Chicken Riding a Bike

Cartoon Chicken Riding a Bike

Lenora Claire, How to Embody Your Brand

Lenora Claire, photo by Austin Young

Lenora Claire, photo by Austin Young

Episode 03

Join Jody as she interviews Lenora Claire, one of the most colorful (literally & figuratively) personalities LA has to offer. Follow along as Lenora recounts some of the more infamous stories of Los Angeles like Don Simpson, George Michael and her bringing her father’s anatomical teaching model of a penis to her elementary school’s show and tell. We also cover how she rode the TMZ slingshot of exposure with her art show Golden Girls Gone Wild, as well as her current projects Leg Closers and The Fart Joke Documentary and her advice for breaking into reality TV.

Show and Tell with Oscar Meyer the Weiner

Name: Lenora Claire
Occupation: Art Curator/Filmmaker/Journalist/Casting Agent
Neighborhood: Los Feliz

Lenora’s LA Picks:

More Links and Details From the Show:

The Fartumentary

Lenora Claire selfie

Her advice on how to get started on your own projects:

  • Use social media to network with collaborators, but be yourself and be passionate about your project.
  • Anybody can reach out to anybody.
  • We’re only limited by the limitations you can put on yourself.
  • Just get off your ass and do it. Be fearless.
Lenora's painting of Bea Arthur topless from her Golden Girls Gone Wild art show

Lenora’s painting of Bea Arthur topless from her Golden Girls Gone Wild art show

Golden Girls Gone Wild – Art Show

Nomi the Min Pin!

How to find opportunities:

Her advice on how to get picked:

  • Be high energy
  • Be a character, Define yourself as a character
  • Use Breakfast Club as atemplate, which character are you?
  • Speak in sound bytes
  • Speak quickly, think on your feet
  • Be funny
  • You do not have to live in LA to be on these shows
Example of Lenora’s referral:
Leg Closers

Leg Closers

Lenora’s friend’s project that was crowd funded on Kickstarter:
Austin Young – Mutual friend of Jody and Lenora. One of the most creative, fun and talented photographers in LA.
Lenora’s Podcast: The Obscenesters on T Radio V
Her advise on how to make it in Hollywood:
  • Be authentic
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Pursue what you love
Synergy between her projects:
  • Appreciating the low brow and high brow humor together.
  • Camp culture.
  • John Waters is her personal beacon. The Pope of Trash.
  • Russ Meyer – Another point of inspiration
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Leopold Nunan, How to Ride Your Momentum

Leopold Nunan photo by Flaminia Fanale

Leopold Nunan photo by Flaminia Fanale

Episode 02 

In this episode we discuss Leo’s journey from Brazil to Los Angeles after the success of his house hit “Generator.” Recently Leo appeared on the Food Network show “Worst Cooks in America” where he made it to the semi-finals. We talk about all the things you don’t see on the show. Where do you stay? Are all the contestants in the same place? No phone? No Internet? We talk about it all as well as his boost in newly found fans from the show and his new music, “Multiple Personality”.

Name: Leopold Nunan
Occupation: Singer, Actor, Performance Artist
Neighborhood: West Hollywood
Worst Cooks in America

Favorite LA Spots:
Franklin Canyon – Great for picnics
Bronson Caves
Barnsdall Art Park & Gallery Theater
La Conversation – Great Brunch
Mustache Mondays – with DJ Josh Peace
The Eagle

See Leo Live!
July 24th RAW Artist at Blvd 3
July 27th West Hollywood 30 Years of Cityhood @ Plummer park
• Check out his calendar for more!

Leopold Nunan is an award-winning performer, singer/songwriter, dancer, actor, model and choreographer with roots native to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A chameleon, he charismatically transforms from macho samba dancer to harlequin.


To date, he has created more than 500 characters for the stage. Leopold began his career at 13 in classical/contemporary ballet, and theatre.


At 18, he turned out his first house music hit “I’ve Got It,” which aired on MTV Brazil and was followed with hits “Feel The House” and “Generator” which cemented his place in the house music community.


In 2014 he was cast in Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” Season 6 where he made it to the semi-finals.


Leopold currently resides in the City of West Hollywood with his partner, and is making his way back to house music with his first US house music release – “Multiple Personality”.
Leopold Nunan photo by Austin Young

Leopold Nunan photo by Austin Young

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